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Bali – The island of Gods

Bali - Island of the Gods | Asher Sports Photography

Part One: Bali

No drug is better than that feeling of a heavy backpack (half my size) filled with camera gear, a passport and boarding pass in your hand, waiting to board a flight.

After a change of planes in Singapore, you know you’re in Bali when huge billboards greet you with the promise of the death penalty for any drug related transgressions.

Driving through Bali and seeing the never-ending construction with McDonalds, Starbucks and Temples hiding in between, there’s a kind of magic that puts a smile on your face. Westerners and locals stream past on scooters, all trying to find the tiniest gap in the traffic. We’re making our way to Bingin, where we’ve decided to spend the first few days. After settling in and making our way down the many stairs, we’re greeted with a breathtaking sunset.

Sunset in Bali - Asher Sports PhotographyThe next few days bring a bit of swell and sunburn. There are so many tourists from all over the world that converge on this small island. People watching on the beach is almost as entertaining as the surfers. Bali - Impossibles Asher Sports Photography Asher Sports Photography - Impossibles, BaliAsher Sports Photography - Bingin, Bali Indonesia Asher Sports Photography - Impossibles - Bali Surfer Bali, Indonesia - Asher Sports PhotographyAfter meeting up with some of the crew from Cape Town also in Indo, we decided to move over to Canggu. With many expats, you start to feel like you live there too, grocery stops to the deli, scooter trips up to Starbucks, and scoping out the best restaurants for food and wifi.

Starbucks - Bali

Local Animals - Bali




Asher Sports Photography - Canggu Bali, SurferAsher Sports Photography - Jarrod DavidAsher Sports Photography - BaliCanggu, Bali SurferSurf photography BaliAfter a few days of surfing we made our way to Kuta (think Vegas but not as pretty). As we get off the scooter, Jay is hugged by the parking fairy and offered viagra. This is Kuta. Every club we walk past – we’re bombarded by club promoters offering us the best of the best. Street vendors and shops call out ‘Hey Mate, Australia’ to get our attention to go into their stores, it’s crazy.

Bali, KutaRandomly, we decide to head into a tattoo parlour and I walk out with some finger art. I love it!

Bali - KutaBali surf photographyBali - Canggu - Local SurferAsher Sports Surf PhotographyJarrod DavidWe get news of a swell hitting Desert Point in Lombok. Bags packed, the alarm goes off and it’s time to catch the ferry with the rest of the crew from Cape Town…Bianca Asher

Desert Point – Part 2…




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  1. Carla

    Looks like you had an amazing trip…can’t wait to hear all about it! Coffee catch up date next time I’m in CT 🙂 xx

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