Getting Into Water Photography

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Getting Into Water Photography

You can put a lot of thought and effort into a concept for a shoot. Sometimes it goes to plan and other times it can be trial and error. The results can be completely different to what you thought you would get out of an image. This is especially true of water and sports photography. We can have a very limited shooting time waiting for the perfect conditions or lighting. All these elements make water photography challenging, but extremely rewarding when you get that magic shot!

When I first decided to get into water photography, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would take to, so I did some research and invested in a DiCAPac waterproof case. R1495.00 at Orms.

DiCAPac slr housing



I was a bit hesitant about taking it out into the ocean (cameras and lenses are not exactly cheap toys), but after a bath test, it seemed sound so I headed to the water with it. This little pack blew me away. Although it may not look like a fancy housing, this little contraption has been the best learning experience for me. I could still adjust my settings whilst out in the water when the light changed, but I had to really rely on my own instincts for framing and getting the shot.

Image from my first water shoot - Rider: Graham Howes

Image from my first water shoot – Rider: Graham Howes


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