Big Air - Kiteboarding photography

Kiteboarding – Big Air

Asher Sports Photography – Big Air and Mega-loop kiteboarding images

Big Air Kiteboarding Images

With a huge event like the Red Bull – King of the Air taking prominence at the start of the calendar year in Cape Town, all eyes are kiteboarding. With some of the best kitesurfers in the world in Cape Town during the windy season, it’s a sports photographers dream! One of my favourite things to shoot is big airs and mega-loops. Even as I’m watching these tricks through my lens it still amazes me to see what these guys can do. I like to change up my shooting position during the session to create different angles and provide interesting elements to the foreground or background.

Below is a collection of some of my favourite kitesurfing Big Air images. These were all shot with my Canon 5D Mark III paired with my 100-400mm Canon lens.

Big Air kiteboarding

Kitesurfing photographer

Kiteboarding big air photography

Kiteboarding big air

Mega-loop kiteboarding photography

Kiteboarding big air

Kiteboarding big air photographs

Travel kitesurfing photography

Kiteboarding big air


Kiteboarding big air - Nick Jacobsen

Mega loop kiteboarding - photo

Kiteboarding Big Air

Kiteboarding with friends

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