Big air kiteboarding in Portugal

Kiteboarding trip to Portugal

Asher Sports Photography – Kiteboarding trip to Portugal

Kiteboarding in Portugal

To say we fell in love with Portugal is a bit of an understatement. We went for 12 days and ended up staying a month with the crew from Ponto Radical Portugal. Beautiful landscapes, the incredible city of Lisbon (filled with so many beautiful buildings and so much history), oh and don’t even get me started on the pastries… Pastel de nata’s became our daily breakfast. Escaping the Cape Town winter was definitely a treat, with night only falling around 10pm, the guys were kiting late into the evenings. We regularly only had dinner after 11pm. The food is AMAZING: especially the seafood. I fell in love with squid ink pasta (felt like I was in an episode of Masterchef). I was lucky enough to shoot with Kyle Cabano and Erik Volpe. I also put myself far out of my comfort zone by doing a short film about our trip. A huge new challenge which I loved!

Freestyle kiteboarding in Portugal

Kiteboarding in POrtugal

The lagoons are idyllic with incredible backgrounds that are a photographers dream. The water is a beautiful blue and clam diggers are bent double filling up giant sacks of clams (a very funny sight when you first see it). Everywhere around these lagoons, cellphones are whipped out to take snaps of the guys kiting and doing tricks.

Liquid Force Kiteboarding

Portugal freestyle kiteboarding

Kitesurfing in Portugal

Portugal kiteboarding

Liquid Force Kiteboarding

Liquid Force kiteboarding in Portugal


Kiteboarding photography in Portugal

Liquid Force Kiteboarding


Portugal kitesurfing

I’m a city girl at heart (I grew up on a farm and lived for the days we went into town). Lisbon, was love at first sight. Especially the Fartura’s! During one of the festivals we had 2 in one evening!

The trams glide past you in the streets and washing hangs from every second window along the walls. People sit along the streets at restaurants smoking and eating. Waiters stand outside trying to entice you in. We spent a lot of time along the harbour and in the old part of Lisbon. Streets are so narrow you can touch the walls if you lower the car windows. The Euro soccer was happening in France at the time and we were lucky to catch a few of the Portugal games in Lisbon. It reminded me of the World Cup here a few years ago. The atmosphere was alive with the fans excitement. During one of the last games we saw, I was shooting some time lapses outside the pubs when they won and a huge roar went up. Car horns were blaring and people were running around with the Portugal flag.

Lisbon Timelapse

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

I’m definitely heading back next year…

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