Surfer - Desert Point - Lombok

Lombok – Desert Point – Part 2

Lombok - Desert Point - Part 2 | Asher Sports Photography

Desert Point – Lombok – Part 2

After a crazy drive across Bali, we arrive at Padang Harbour to meet up with the rest of the crew from Cape Town. We’re catching a 4-hr ferry to Lombok. Local vendors offer oreo’s, water and local dishes for the journey.

Padang Harbour Bali


The journey flies by as we’re in the middle of Breaking Bad which has us hooked from episode to episode. When the laptop runs out of power, I head out to the front of the ferry and watch as the palm trees of Lombok come into view.

Bali Ferry

Bali to Lombok FerryThe drive to Desert Point is uneventful until the final stretch. We hit a rocky stretch of road that looks like it should only be attempted in a 4×4, but the Toyota Avanza we’re in manages to make it up and over the rocky pass. Arriving at the point, it’s still pretty quiet as it’s a few days before the swell hits.

Indonesia - Desert Point

Lombok - Desert Point puppy

Desert Point - Lombok - Puppies playingWith the swell still a few days out we spend our time exploring with the puppies and taking walks along the point. Desert Point is so remote, there is no electricity or running water. The generators are switched on for a couple of hours in the evening.

Lombok - Desert Point

Desert Point - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok

Sunset - Desert Point - LombokWith the waves being really small in Bali, it seems like everyone had the same idea to head to Lombok for this swell. The next few days sees an influx of surfers on scooters and in taxi’s. Sitting at the Warung (restaurant) there are accents from all over the world. Excitement is high and the talk is non-stop about Desert Point, waves, boards, reef and periods. Even as a non-surfer it’s hard not to get excited.Desert Point - Lombok - SurferTuesday morning brings the swell with it. Even at sunrise there is a small crowd sitting at the top of the point. At one point during the day we count 90 surfers in the line-up. Crazy.Surfer - Desert Point - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok - Surfer

Surfer - Desert Point - Lombok

Surfer - Desert Point - Lombok

Surfer - Desert Point - LombokWhile waiting for the swell to drop so I can head out onto the reef, I make my way down the point. Some crazy surfers are dropping into some of the heaviest waves I’ve ever seen. What’s even crazier are the 2 photographers out there with them.Desert Point - Surf photographyThis is one of my favourite shots from Desert Point.Surfer - Desert Point - LombokWhen the tide drops, you can walk to the end of the reef where you can watch the barrels only a few metres in front of you. The sun is setting behind the wave creating beautiful light through the wave. Surfer - Desert Point - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok - Lombok

Desert Point - Lombok

Surfer - Desert Point - Lombok

Surfing - Desert Point - LombokWith the tide coming in, I’m just about to turn around and make my way back to land when I spot Jay taking off on a bomb. I definitely claimed it for him.Desert Point - Lombok - SurfingWe head back to land after an epic day of surfing and shooting. Breaking Bad awaits…

Sunset - Desert Point - Lombok


Motion sickness, police roadblocks, landing at the wrong airport in Sumbuwa resulting in midnight road trips…

Sumbuwa – Part 3 coming soon.

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