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My new SPL Water Housing

I’ll never forget one of the first times I went to a shoot with my little DiCAPac plastic water housing. A couple of the kitesurfers I was shooting gave me the ‘kook’ look. I was already completely out of my comfort zone being in the water (natural water baby I am not!), now to add to it the freezing water, getting used to working the housing and the niggling fear of sharks. But, I had my little water housing which I thought was the best thing ever.

Ever since that first shoot I knew water photography was something I wanted to pursue. It’s a different world out there in the water. It’s such a rush having these incredible athletes come flying over you, doing what they do best. Especially that moment that you know you just captured a magic shot. The water allows for so much experimentation as it acts as a giant reflector. Some of my favourite shots have came from sessions in the middle of the day (a supposed no-no for shooting, depending on who you talk to).

Why I chose SPL

So after 2 years of heading into the water with my trusty DiCAPac, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and invest in a ‘real’ water housing. After much deliberation, I decided on an SPL camera water housing. Morse specifically, the A-Series housing for the Canon 5D Mark III. I spoke to a few photographers and there was a lot of great feedback. I also took into consideration the weight of the housings. Sean at SPL was incredibly helpful with answering all my questions with regards to accessories (I chose an extra lens port and the Pocket Wizard Flash attachment).

To say I was excited when it arrived is a bit of an understatement. Just my luck though, the week it arrived happened to be a no wind/ no swell week so I’ve only managed to head out twice to test it. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but the quality of the images is insane.

*Side note – the day after I wrote this post I managed to flood my housing and kill my 5D. Quite an expensive learning curve. So thank goodness for insurance (insurance post coming soon)!

The best part is being able to change all my settings whilst I’m out in the water. This is especially important when I’m shooting at sunset or with the flashes. The light changes so quickly so it’s great having easy access to the controls.


A few shots from my first session. I was lucky enough to have Graham come flying over me just as I managed to let a wave smash my camera into my face. At least he was a gentleman and only laughed after he asked if I was ok.

Bianca Asher sports photography-why i chose sol water housings

Graham Howes | Liquid Force Kites

Bianca Asher sports photography-why i chose sol water housings

Graham Howes | Liquid Force Kites

Me and my new SPL housing


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