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Sumbawa – Part 3

Sumbawa - Part 3 | Asher Sports Photography

Sumbawa – The last leg our trip

Leaving Desert Point, our taxi driver decides to do some rally car driving. Not even a motion sickness tablet can curb the the craziness of this trip. After a quick pitstop – the local kids were very intrigued with a blonde girl getting sick on the side of the road – we are almost to the airport when we get stopped in a police roadblock. After handing over the requested documents, our taxi driver is asked to drive inside the police compound and is then whisked inside whilst we wait. We see other Westerners put into cars with policemen at the wheel. A trickle of panic sets in but then finally we see our taxi driver making his way back to us. He quickly unloads us and our luggage into another car and we’re off again to the airport. After a wifi session to catch up with the world we are taking off to Sumbawa.

We land and are only too relieved to get this last leg of the journey out the way. We grab the board bags and try catch a taxi. The guy laughs at us when we say we want to go to Lakey Peak. Turns out our ‘helpful’ travel booker in Bali sent us to the wrong airport in Sumbawa. We now have a 6 hour journey ahead of us and the sun is setting.

We make our way through the busy city and start the long journey as the sun is setting. To say this is one of the most insane experiences is not an understatement. Cows, dogs and scooters without lights are dodged at the last second. As we finally make our way through Bima, we see a sign for Lakey. By this stage our driver is slapping himself to stay awake. Jay is feeding him cigarettes and anything caffeinated to keep him awake. With immense relief we make it to Lakey in one piece.

The next morning we’re up early and catch a boat out to Lakey Peak.

Lakey Peak - Sumbawa Sumbawa - Lakey Peak Surfer - Lakey Peak Lakey Peak - Surfer - Sumbawa Surfer - Lakey Peak - SumbawaA beautiful sunset greets us on the first evening.

Sunset in Sumbawa Indonesia Surfers Sumbuwa

Indonesia Sumbawa Sumbawa suset IndonesiaThe next few days we head down to Periscopes.

Surfer at Periscopes - Sumbawa Sumbawa - Periscopes Periscopes - Sumbawa Periscopes - Sumbawa The stars out here are surreal. With almost no light pollution, the Milky Way is spectacular above us.

Mily Way

The last day we spend out at Lakey Peak.

Sumbawa - Surfer - Indonesia Surfing at Lakey Peak Sumbawa - Lakey Peak Sumbawa - Lakey Peak

With the sun setting on our last day in Sumbuwa, it’s time to head back to Bali for a few days and then back home.

Lakey Peak Sunset



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  1. Terry

    Fascinating read Bianca, we have friends who swear by Lakey Peak to the extent they are building Holiday Lets
    Its definately an eye opener when you hit road blocks in these countries and scarey….love the photography especially as you know from instagram the surf photography (tel5) did you get out on a boat for the angles…??

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